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NewBridge Premium Pots

Palena Cylinder Planter (Pallet)

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Pallet Breakdown

1 pallet containing 8 sets from the following lines:

Palena Cylinder Planter

NPTF072-1 - 54 x 48cm
NPTF072-2 - 45 x 40cm
NPTF072-3 - 38 x 35cm
NPTF072-4 - 27 x 25cm
NPTF072-5 - 22 x 20cm

    Palena Cylinder Planter (Pallet)


    What is the lead time?


    What if some of my pots are damaged?

    If you recieve any damages in your order, please contact us at to raise a credit with us.

    Can I cancel my order?

    Once an order is placed, you will need to contact us a soon as you decide you no longer want your order.

    If the pallet has already been dispatched, we are unable to cancel your order.

    Can I mix and match pots?

    Not currently, all of our pots are sold by the pallet which typically includes 1 design split across multiple sizes.